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Clever Coupon Cutting Strategies

Coupons are there for you to reap the benefits of a generous manufacturer who wants you to try their product. Those who don’t use them may be missing out of hundreds of dollars or more a year in savings. Here are some strategies to get the most from those newspaper cut-outs. The Sunday paper [...]

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Can You Afford a Family Pet?

Pets are a part of many families these days. They are playmates, confidants and close friends. But, pets also come with a price. If your family is thinking about getting a pet, first consider if you can afford the extra cost. They are cute and cuddly, tall and curious and like little people. We [...]

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September is National Preparedness Month 2017.#NationalPrepardnessMonth September is National Preparedness Month (NPM).  Is your business prepared?  25 percent of firms do not open again after a major disaster, according to Institute for Business and Home Safety.  Smart planning can help you keep your business running if disaster strikes. You will want to take [...]

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Moving In Together? – How to Deal with Household Costs

Moving in together with your partner is a big step in a relationship. It is also a big step in regards to finances. Moving in together can ease the burden on both of your wallets as household costs will more than likely be shared by both of you. Advance planning is necessary for a [...]