To build a healthy relationship, things will start first and most essentially with you. This is just great as it means that you have all the power to build a loving and positive energy and carry out your part so that you can nurture all characteristics that a healthy relationship must have.

There are several affirmations that will help you in staying on the right course and make your relationship as healthy as you want it to be!

  • I am completely in love with my partner.
  • I constantly strive to nourish and grow the love that me and my partner have for one another.
  • I am starting to fall more and more in love with my partner.
  • I am happy with my partner and I will do everything to maintain it that way.
  • I have deep respect for my partner.
  • I can be completely myself whenever I am with my partner.
  • I can clearly communicate my needs and wants.
  • I can draw my own boundaries if needed.
  • I always consider my partner’s perspective.
  • I will strive to create a healthy relationship with my partner.
  • I am going to be a wonderful spouse in the future.
  • I will act with care and respect for my partner.
  • I feel much closer to my partner as each day passes.
  • I deserve to have a healthy relationship.
  • I consider it important to listen to what my partner has to say.
  • One of my strengths is honest communication.
  • To build a healthy and happy relationship is worth any and all of the effort for me.