Divorce & Money: How to Make the Best Financial Decision During Divorce

Where to buy: www.amazon.com Divorce is a time of great anguish and uncertainty – not only emotionally but also financially. It is important, when sorting out a divorce, to put emotional matters aside, as much as possible, and focus on the legal and financial issues, which will have an impact for all of the [...]

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Learning Resources – Buy It Right Shopping Game

Where to buy: www.amazon.com Still looking for a gift this holiday season for your kids? The Buy It Right Shopping Game from Learning Resources is another fun and educational game by this company. Without realizing it, children will learn about money and money recognition in a playful and entertaining way through this game. Throughout [...]

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Low Income Budget Tips

If you find yourself having to live on less these days, you are not alone. While this may not comfort you, there are some things you can do that will make the most of your income and relieve some of the stress. The hardest part about change is the adjustment that goes with it. [...]

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Moving In Together? – How to Deal with Household Costs

Moving in together with your partner is a big step in a relationship. It is also a big step in regards to finances. Moving in together can ease the burden on both of your wallets as household costs will more than likely be shared by both of you. Advance planning is necessary for a [...]

Accounting Software for Small Businesses

If you think that starting your own business is a cakewalk, you’re very wrong. Aside from developing good products and services, you still need to sell them to the market. One of the essential factors in running a business is effectively managing finances. The language of any business, whether big or small, is accounting. The [...]

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Financial Responsibility For Your College Bound Student

Setting off to college will likely be the first time you are independent which means you’ll be responsible for keeping your finances in check and having a seamless plan and a good budgeting strategy allows you to really focus on your studies. With that being said, it’s more of a challenge for college students [...]

How to Throw a Memorial Day Party

There’s nothing quite like a party to kick off the summer season. Throwing a Memorial Day party isn’t difficult, but it does take some planning. Continue reading to learn the tricks and tips for a fantastic party. Start with a budget. With money being tight for families all over the country, you’ll want to plan [...]

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Memorial Day Getaway Ideas

Memorial Day weekend is considered by many to be the unofficial start of summer. Some attend special events or parades put on by their local communities. Your family may want to consider these Memorial Day getaway ideas to help you remember why Memorial Day is commemorated each year. Many people don’t know that Memorial Day [...]

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