September is National Preparedness Month 2017.#NationalPrepardnessMonth September is National Preparedness Month (NPM).  Is your business prepared?  25 percent of firms do not open again after a major disaster, according to Institute for Business and Home Safety.  Smart planning can help you keep your business running if disaster strikes. You will want to take [...]

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Accounting Software for Small Businesses

If you think that starting your own business is a cakewalk, you’re very wrong. Aside from developing good products and services, you still need to sell them to the market. One of the essential factors in running a business is effectively managing finances. The language of any business, whether big or small, is accounting. The [...]

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How To Choose Accountancy Software For Your Business

Accountancy software is a very important tool which helps a business tremendously. With all of the accountancy software on the market, it is hard to know what type of accountancy software you should buy. Choosing the right accountancy software for your business is just as important if not more important than making other critical decisions [...]

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Parts of an Income Statement – Part 1

The first and most important part of an income statement is the line reporting sales revenue. Businesses need to be consistent from year to year regarding when they record sales. For some business, the timing of recording sales revenue is a major problem, especially when the final acceptance by the customer depends on performance tests [...]

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Types of Costs

Direct costs are those costs that can be directly attributed to a product or product line, or to one source of sales revenue, or one business unit or operation of the business. An example of a direct cost would be the cost of tires on a new automobile. Indirect costs are very different and can't [...]

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Cozette M. White Partners with The BOSS Network

Cozette M. White has been accepted into the BOSS Network as a 2017 BOSS Influencer. The Partnership is designed for entrepreneurs who are looking to gain media exposure and leverage their network. Cozette M. White joins eleven other Influencers, which are hand-selected by the Founder, Cameka Smith, to become part of a curated network [...]

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