Why Do We Celebrate Columbus Day?

  Columbus Day is a national holiday celebrated on the second Sunday of October. The holiday is celebrated with an annual parade in New York City. In addition to being celebrated in the United States, Puerto Rico, Italy and Spain also celebrate Columbus Day. The purpose of the day is to celebrate Christopher Columbus discovering [...]

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How to Host a Labor Day Party on a Budget

As summertime nears an end, many people think about having one last “hurrah” before heading into the fall months. For some that means giving a Labor Day party. The following ideas will provide a starting place to hosting a terrific party, without spending a fortune. Set a budget. Determining how much money you have [...]

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How to Throw a Memorial Day Party

There’s nothing quite like a party to kick off the summer season. Throwing a Memorial Day party isn’t difficult, but it does take some planning. Continue reading to learn the tricks and tips for a fantastic party. Start with a budget. With money being tight for families all over the country, you’ll want to plan [...]

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Memorial Day Getaway Ideas

Memorial Day weekend is considered by many to be the unofficial start of summer. Some attend special events or parades put on by their local communities. Your family may want to consider these Memorial Day getaway ideas to help you remember why Memorial Day is commemorated each year. Many people don’t know that Memorial Day [...]

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Where to Take Mom for Mother’s Day

Mom does so much each day to keep the family going. Rather than staying at home, here are some ideas of where to take Mom for Mother’s Day. She’ll enjoy getting out of the house and being pampered without breaking the bank. Depending upon where you live, your city may have an art museum which [...]

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Vegetarian Thanksgiving Dinner Ideas

More and more people these days are turning to a vegetarian lifestyle. This can be a problem when Thanksgiving rolls around, because what is the holiday without a turkey? These vegetarian Thanksgiving dinner ideas will enable those who choose to abstain from eating meat to enjoy the meal and stay true to their convictions. Before [...]

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Black Friday Safety Tips

Some shoppers begin gearing up for Black Friday long before Thanksgiving arrives. They scour the internet to find sneak peeks of sales and know which items they’d like to buy for each person on their list. They also know how to follow Black Friday safety tips to ensure they are able to shop ‘til they [...]

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Halloween Fun for Toddlers – How to Keep Things Easy and Safe

Celebrating Halloween with toddlers brings a certain element of innocence to the mix. With a toddler, it may not be possible to go out and party like you normally would, and trick or treating can get tiresome for your toddler very quickly. Safety is always an issue with toddlers as they are very naive and [...]

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Throw a Halloween Party for Adults

Everyone enjoys a good Halloween party but when it comes down to it bad food, drinks, or a lame theme can be a deal breaker. So in order to get your guests excited about your next Halloween party, be sure to impress them with these few simple tricks that will have them coming back year [...]

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Halloween Safety Tips

Most children love Halloween – dressing in costumes, wearing fancy face paint and going out trick or treating with friends and family. Halloween can be a fun event for children as long as safety measures are discussed and implemented. Since most trick or treating takes place after it has begun to get dark outside, knowing [...]

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