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Learning Resources – Buy It Right Shopping Game

Where to buy: Still looking for a gift this holiday season for your kids? The Buy It Right Shopping Game from Learning Resources is another fun and educational game by this company. Without realizing it, children will learn about money and money recognition in a playful and entertaining way through this game. Throughout [...]

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How to Save on Movie Tickets

With the ever increasing cost of movie tickets, many people are looking for the best way to save on tickets. There are several ways to save on movie tickets including using discounts and viewing earlier shows. Do some research online and discover the many ways you can go to the movies for less. * [...]

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Financial Responsibility For Your College Bound Student

Setting off to college will likely be the first time you are independent which means you’ll be responsible for keeping your finances in check and having a seamless plan and a good budgeting strategy allows you to really focus on your studies. With that being said, it’s more of a challenge for college students [...]

Moneywise Kids

Where to buy: Playing educational money games with kids is a great way to teach them about money skills in a playful manner. Moneywise Kids is a game for two players and ideal for kids 7 years and up. There are two different games that can be played, which teach children about money value, [...]

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Work For Hire

By Cozette M. White Money management skill is one of the most important skills that parents can impart their children and the preparation for that should begin at home. Considering that we only have about 18 or so years to nurture and guide them before they fly the nest, the sooner we impart money saving [...]

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