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Divorce is a time of great anguish and uncertainty – not only emotionally but also financially. It is important, when sorting out a divorce, to put emotional matters aside, as much as possible, and focus on the legal and financial issues, which will have an impact for all of the parties involved. Making those financial decisions can be quite difficult when you are dealing with such an all consuming personal issue as divorce.

That’s when this book comes in handy. It is written by professionals and gives you all the information you need regarding all the legal matters involving separation and divorce. The book teaches you about joint accounts, alimony, retirement benefits, marital property, IRS, mortgages and home and other financial issues. In addition, this book also gives you advice on where to find professional help, what to do if you think your partner has assets squirreled away and it helps you to get through your emotions in order to make the right financial decisions.

Overall, divorce is a life-changing experience and everybody dealing with one will need help in getting through. This book certainly gives you good strategies on how to deal with your finances during such a hard time.