With the ever increasing cost of movie tickets, many people are looking for the best way to save on tickets. There are several ways to save on movie tickets including using discounts and viewing earlier shows. Do some research online and discover the many ways you can go to the movies for less.

* Use discounts where you can. Senior citizens and students are eligible for discounts at many movie theaters. You may have to show proof of enrollment or proof of age if you look younger than you are. Other discounts include memberships such as AAA and AARP, which may be greater than a senior citizen’s discount.

Entertainment books usually provide coupons for discounts on movie tickets. Which movie theaters participate depends upon the entertainment book, but typically include Regal Cinemas, Multiplex Theatres and AMC. The entertainment books run $10 to $20 but the savings are enormous, sometimes offering movie ticket deals for as low as $5.

* View a matinee instead of an evening show. Matinees usually offer a steep discount off the regular night-time movie ticket price. Sometimes theaters will offer a pre-matinee show, usually offered before noon. These shows are even cheaper than matinees. Viewing earlier movies is a great way to cut down on the expense and the crowds as well.

* Drive-ins are another great way to save money. Many drive-in theaters allow for two movies for the price of one with back-to-back flicks. Bonus points – if you bring your own food, you save even more money for the evening.

* Buying movie tickets online ahead of the theater may yield in savings. Simply go to your movie theater’s website to view all of the online specials. When in doubt, call the movie theater first to verify the special if you are unsure of its validity.

Saving money on movie tickets is not hard if you know where to find the deals. With the ever increasing cost of movie tickets, it is not feasible in today’s economy to be able to frequent the movies often without a discount. Using the above tips will help to ascertain you get the best deal for your money.