There’s nothing quite like a party to kick off the summer season. Throwing a Memorial Day party isn’t difficult, but it does take some planning. Continue reading to learn the tricks and tips for a fantastic party.

Start with a budget. With money being tight for families all over the country, you’ll want to plan on what you intend to spend. Think about everything you need for a party – food, drinks, decorations, invitations, and postage.

To determine how much you’ll need to include for your food and drink budget, you’ll need to consider how many people you want to have at your party. Obviously, the more people you have attend, the more money you’ll need to set aside for food and drinks. Will the party be primarily for adults, families or for children? The guest list really can make a big difference.

There are several ways to cut down on the cost of food and drinks. You could purchase items for several weeks leading up to the party so that everything won‘t come out of one paycheck. You may also want to ask some people to help by bringing food or beverage to share. Having a potluck party isn’t frowned upon as it was in the past because nearly everyone is trying to make their money stretch. Don’t be afraid to ask your guests to bring something, particularly if you’re close.

Beverages are another large expense. Depending on the age of the guests, you may be able to get away with colas or kool-aid. However, if your guests are over 21, they may enjoy having something alcoholic. Ask guests who prefer to drink alcoholic beverages to bring their own, and you’ll provide the non-alcoholic drinks.

Decorations can run up to quite a bit of money if you’re not careful. Try to find solid decorations in patriotic colors. Not only are the solid colors easier to find, quite often they are cheaper, too. You can also purchase decorations which are on sale at the end of the summer or think of other themes for your party and choose decorations to match that theme.

In the past, invitations and postage were a large expense. Today’s technology makes inviting friends to a party much easier. There are websites which specialize in sending party invitations online. You can also hand deliver the invitations to cut down on postage. Don’t forget to include an RSVP date and telephone number so people can let you know if they’ll attend or not.

Try to do as much as you can ahead of the party. Make snack foods such as cookies or cupcakes a week or more before the party and store them in the freezer. You can also make some casseroles and freeze them if you have an actual meal rather than finger foods. Decorate a day or so before if you’re sure the weather will cooperate. The point is to try to do as much as you can before the party so that you have time to enjoy your guests rather than running around trying to get things done.

Knowing how to throw a Memorial Day party isn’t difficult. It is much the same as throwing any other type of party. Think about how much you want to spend, what you will serve, who you will invite and how you will invite them. Once you have those basic ideas in place, the rest of the party will be a snap. Enjoy!