When Halloween rolls around, many of us love to throw spooky parties. Throwing a vegan party, however, requires a bit more planning as animal by-products are not allowed to make an entrance at this party. Do not fear (or maybe you want to!), there are many different kinds of “spooky” vegan foods that you can create to keep your guests intrigued.

Because vegan products do not use any meat or animal by-products, you will have to search diligently for some good recipes. There are a few listed below to spark your creative juices!

* Gingerbread men – yes, you read right! Use these gingerbread men and dress them up as skeletons instead of the festive Christmas characters. The twist on this holiday treat will have your guests giggling as they bite the skeleton’s head off.

* Carve up some pumpkins and keep the seeds. With the seeds you can create Dracula’s Teeth. Simply dry the seeds out, then salt and roast them. Several hundred of Dracula’s teeth coming right up! Bonus – the carved pumpkins can be used as spooky decorations. Place a tea light candle inside the pumpkin and you have instant atmosphere.

* Eyes and Blood drops. Peel some grapes so they have that “gooey” texture to them like eyeballs. Place them in a bowl, then separate some of the seeds from the pomegranate and add them to the bowl. Mix the two together for a spooky fruit dish.

* For a good desert, make some red velvet cake and frost it with black frosting. Red cake can be symbolic of blood and you can call it a witch’s cake.

* Want to really gross out your partygoers? Put some dried cranberries in a bowl and label them dried scabs.

* Virtually all fruit punch cocktails are vegan friendly, so place a mixture of juices in a bowl and give it a spooky name such as Creepy Spider’s Punch (put rubber spiders in to float around). To add another element to the punch, freeze some colored water in an inflatable glove and cut the fingers off – viola! Finger ice cubes in your punch.

Vegan Halloween parties do not have to lack fun or creativity because of the menu. There are many items that can be modified to become vegan friendly by simply substituting some tofu when a recipe calls for meat, or soy milk instead of using cow’s milk. The above recipes are all vegan friendly and dare we say it – spooky!